Palm trees and exotic plants for your garden

Palm trees and exotic plants for your garden

Discover palm trees and exotic plants of superior quality, with meticulous attention to detail and with the guarantee of more than a decade of experience.

Our plants

A selection that extends from majestic palm trees to unique desert plants, all cultivated with passion and care to transform and revitalize your spaces.

Butia Capitata

Chamaerops Cerifera

Chamaerops Humilis

Chamaerops Vulcano

Commitment and Quality

Company specialized in the wholesale sale of palms and other desert plants.

Tropicalia is not just a nursery, it is a guarantee of passion and perfection. With us, you don’t just buy plants, but years of experience and dedication in each leaf.

What they say about us…

These are some of the reviews that our clients leave us

“As the owner of a gardening business, I trust the quality and variety that Tropicalia offers me. They always impress my clients.”

Elsa, Netherlands
“I collect rare plants, and it was in them that I found species that I couldn’t find in other places.”
François, France
“The service is exceptional. The palm trees arrived in perfect condition and look perfect in my garden.”
Antonio, Tarragona
“My restaurant needed a change of environment and Tropicalia delivered just what I needed. My customers love the new environment.”
Sofía, Madrid

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